by Gretchen Joan (but I swear it’s almost plagiarism, because it’s as if she’s in my head. Is there such thing as plagiarism if it hasn’t been written yet? See folks, I have these “Get outta my brain!” moments too.)

1. It’s probably a good idea to talk about your true intentions before you initiate anything with anyone.

My initial stated intention was to “just find someone to hang out with and…

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This song has been on repeat during my lake runs.


Less Than A Homegirl.

I’ve always taken great pride in being a homegirl. A homegirl a man will talk to when he’s having relationship problems. A homegirl a man calls on when he needs a wingwoman. A homegirl a man takes on platonic dates without expecting anything in return. The homegirl he respects. The homegirl he cares about. The homegirl he trusts. The prodigy. The best friend. The sister. The homegirl.

I was…

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"I didn’t love him.
I barely liked him.
But he was heat at the peak of summer,
and he kissed like I was his last meal—
And I was looking for a body to drown in.
Back then, I had a candy-coated heart,
like flowers tucked in the pages of a hymnal,
and he had the thick, calloused hands
of a working man.
He talked like a friend,
but touched like an animal
and my bubblegum chest wanted that
in ways it couldn’t understand yet.
He asked what colors I kissed in
and the poet in me cracked open and spilled over—
Exposed like an open wound,
like all the soft, pink parts of me
I didn’t know about.
He was a means to an end:
my Machiavellian loss of innocence.
I don’t regret him,
but sometimes I wish I did."

- First, by Ashe Vernon (via latenightcornerstore)

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{ one step at a time }
-i wish i was there again-

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Stop It. Just Stop It.

Nobody wants to point out what looks like a crochet tank top underneath that linen shirt though?


I had a conversation with a friend the other day about sweats and white people. Well, kinda. I explained that certain men don’t approach me, because of the way I dress. Specifically, when I’m wearing Tims, big hoop earrings, or fitted caps. They’re deterrents for dorky guys, which I happen to adore. Basically, I need to step my J. Crew game up. 

I let him know that more than half the time I’m…

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